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You can now let us know you have arrived or are on your way WITHOUT an APP appointment with the new FREE CheckN APP. Using CheckN we can even chat about your case while you are waiting at the Vet Mobile or are on your way so our vets know the details in advance of your pet even getting seen. Read the details below.




TWO No Fee 6 month Payment Plans

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Click on each Company's Link Below to Apply or to Pay

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this video below is guaranteed to make you smile

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The Low Cost Vet Mobile program is made possible by several non-profit, charitable organizations. Our prices are structured to be 50% or lower than New York area market prices. We strongly recommend that you read this entire home page and our Message from Administration page,  especially the Policy Guidelines and Code of Conduct at the bottom of the Message from our Admin page, so that you know our prices, policies, what services we provide, how we process each case, and how to reduce or eliminate your waiting time. Our days/locations are at the bottom of this page. 

The Low Cost Vet Mobile's team of 8 veterinarians consisting of 3 surgeons, 2 clinicians, and 2 sonogram specialist veterinarians, have thus far treated over 46,000 dogs and cats and performed almost 2,000 major surgeries in our first  15 years, not even counting spays and neuters. Our state of the art services include digital x rays, ultrasound, Cryosurgery, echocardiogram, hospitalization with 24 hr monitoring, oxygen therapy, blood transfusion, cryosurgery, chemotherapy, allergy testing, and most specialized surgeries, including orthopedics.

Full examinations cost only $25, re-visits for the same issue within 12 months cost $15, one year vaccines just $20-$25, TWO digital x rays for just $95, top-of-the-line FULL blood panel including urinalysis and BOTH Thyroid tests for only $120, state of the art ultrasonic dental cleaning including injection anesthesia for just $450 (plus IV catheter [$50] and IV Fluids [$50] & possible anesthesia [$75-$125] for 5 years or older animals), abdominal ultrasound for $375, echocardiogram for $395, FULL allergy testing at a specialized laboratory for just $295, hospitalization for only $50 per day, IV Fluids for $50 per day, urinalysis for $60 (included for free in the $120 full blood panel), fecal test for Hookworm, Whipworm, Roundworm, Tapeworm including Coccidia and Giardia for just $60, to name a few common services.

We arrive between 9:00 - 9:30 AM, but people start to sign in by 8:00 AM. You may arrive at anytime during the day, but to be sure to be seen please arrive before 2 PM. We recommend that you arrive as early as possible. You may sign in early, fill out our paperwork and hand it in and get your number. YOU MUST BE AT THE LOCATION WHEN THE VET MOBILE ARRIVES. If the number you are assigned is too far down the list, you may leave and return without losing your turn ! You can check our REAL TIME COUNTER on VET MOBILE WEBCAM #14 for up to the minute tracking of what number patient we are up to, or you can call 718 544 PETS. This way you can come just at the right time so you don't wait long when you return. We WILL see everyone who signs in, hands in our paperwork, and is assigned a number.

The way to avoid the usual long waiting time when you walk-in without an appointment, is to make an appointment with our "Low Cost Vet" APP, which you can download to your phone from Google and Apple stores with the above links & QR code. There may be a relatively short wait up to 1 hr with an APP appointment for us to finish the animal being seen, sign you in, and get you into our computers. 
APP appointments are ONLY for exams, not surgery or dentistry. The App charges $20 for appointments which is NON-refundable, but the appointment can be re-scheduled up to 72 hours prior to the appointment time and indefinite number of times.
For general questions you can send an email by clicking here. Emergencies, post visit blood draws, drop offs of urine or stool, post surgery suture and staple removals, pick up of medicines, nail trims, spay neuter and other surgery pre-payments, dentistry, blood transfusion, ultrasound, and other booking pre-payments do NOT have to sign in or wait through our usually long line.   NOTE: Medicaid and Medicare are ONLY for people, not animals. You do NOT need to have them to be seen at the Low Cost Vet Mobile. You do NOT have to be a NYC resident to be seen. You do NOT need to bring proof of income.

Waiting time may be long so please dress yourself and your pet accordingly. Credit/debit cards and two payment plans are accepted. They are ScratchPay and All Pet Care. They both offer a "no interest, no fee" plan for 6 months. They can be applied for online from the above links or from the Sub Menu links under our Money for Vet Expenses link.  If you are low on funds we also have a fundraising sheet you can print from this link. Remember, early medical intervention keeps the prices lowest and diagnosis and treatment most successful ! After your visit to the Vet Mobile, if you have any questions about treatment or medicine please call our office !!!               


All Pet Card and Scratch Pay Buttons at left can be used to either apply or make a payment. Others not present in person can also make a payment.


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24 hr Animal Hospital
Rescue Adoption Center
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that we have reunited over 400 of our patients who have gotten lost  ?


On July 25, 2009 the Low Cost Vet Mobile began. View opening day news reports

by clicking on them. Go to our Media page to view all media reports.


1 year NO INTEREST payment plan

leave cursor on photo for picture details



- Vaccinations
- Microchips
- Advanced Surgeries

- Emergency Care

- Hospitalization
- Medical Grooming
- Orthopaedic Surgeries

- Digital X ray

- Ultrasound

- Echocardiogram

- Chemotherapy

- Blood Transfusion

- Oxygen Therapy

- Allergy Testing

- Online Pharmacy


Tuesdays - Bronx


Fordham Plaza  E189 St & 3rd Ave, in front of Applebees, near the B, D, 4 trains and the Bx1, Bx2, Bx6, Bx9, Bx12, Bx15, Bx17, Bx22, Bx41 bus lines, as well as Metro North


Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays - Queens


Fresh Meadows and Flushing. 159-19 Horace Harding Expressway (side road of the Long Island Expwy), Fresh Meadows/Flushing. Q17, Q25, Q34, Q64, Q65, Q88, QM4, QM44 buses, Van Wyck Expwy, I95, Grand Central Pkwy, Cross Island Expwy, Clearview Expwy 


Thursdays - Staten Island  


Castleton, 1838 Victory Blvd. near Manor Rd. and Slosson Ave, by the S61, S62 bus


Fridays & Saturdays - Manhattan


East Harlem. Corner of East 111 St and 1st Ave,  three blocks from the East 110 St stop on the # 6 train.  M15 bus, and the Harlem River Drive


Sundays - Brooklyn/Queens


East NY, Brookyn and Ozone Park/Howard Beach, Queens. Corner of 149th Ave & Cross Bay Blvd. near Linden Blvd. next to baseball field 7 blocks from Rockaway Blvd stop on the A train. Q11, Q21, Q41, Q 53, B15, B20 buses, at Cross Bay Blvd exit off of Belt Pkwy


Office : 718-544-PETS 


InfoLINE : 718-770-PETS


HelpLINE : 718-321-PETS



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