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Low Cost Complete Veterinary Services

The Low Cost Vet Mobile operates two full service veterinary hospital mobile vehicles which park at the same location in Fresh Meadows/Flushing five days a week, including weekends and all holidays. Our charitable mission on behalf of animals and their guardians is to provide full services with the highest in quality yet the lowest in costs. In accordance with our mission, in 2015 we launched our own online internet pet pharmacy. Our clients and patients may now obtain their medicines at the lower internet prices and thereby eliminate the need for prescription approvals and the resulting 1-2 week delay usually associated with low cost online prices. We also recently introduced our Low Cost Vet APP to download records for free and bypass the usual long wait times by making an appointment. While the popularity of our veterinary services can result in long wait times when coming for an examination, we do bring seating and an awning for coverage in case of rain or snow. There is also a place to use the bathroom nearby to all our locations in every borough. We require that all dogs be leashed at all times and cats be brought in a secure carrier or we may refuse to see the animal. We ask that you treat our staff with courtesy and patience as they are working on animals and may not be able to have time to answer all your questions. If you have any questions at anytime please feel free to call our office at the above telephone number and speak with administration.

Low Cost Full Examinations

Unlike vaccine clinics who offer low cost vaccine "packages" but do not include examinations, our $25 full exam is an industry wide low. Annual exams for animals is the single most important thing a pet parent can do, as your veterinarian can catch issues early, sometimes even before clinical signs have appeared, and thus keep treatment costs minimal and medically intervene in a timely manner so therapy can be most successful.


Low Cost Standard Surgeries

The Low Cost Vet Mobile provides spay neuter surgery services for just $175 for male cats and $225 for female cats. $225 for toy male dogs, $250 for toy female dogs and up, depending on size, and age. The price chart is on our home page. However, animals near or over 5 yrs old must get an exam and a blood test done first as a matter of medical protocol and may be required to have IV catheter and fluids, for a small additional fee. We also perform almost all other surgeries, please see below for a listing. You do not have to be on public assistance, nor be a New York City resident. We perform our surgeries at in the Vet Mobile in central Queens by appointment. You can book the surgery at our mobile truck location in Fresh Meadows by coming in person.  No food the morning of surgery and females cannot be in heat.

Low Cost Emergency Veterinary Care

Because our services are based upon a "walk in" system, and because our veterinary staff consists of several highly skilled surgeons, the Low Cost Vet Mobile is able to provide almost all the advanced surgeries and hospitalizations necessary for emergency situations. We even do emergency surgeries at night, on holidays and wekends.

Low Cost Vaccinations

Whereas low cost vaccine programs require you to purchase "packages" with no exams, our vaccine prices are able to be purchased individually, at the same price or lower. Consequently, for the same expense you can obtain a full exam at the Vet Mobile in addition to the routine vaccinations, and you can even pick and choose which vaccinations to do according to your budget. Vaccinations range between $20 - $35, with the two basic core vaccines costing $25 each.

Low Cost Specialized Surgeries

The Low Cost Vet Mobile utilizes the services of highly skilled surgeons in Dr. Linden Dodson, Dr. Lindsay Oksenberg, Dr. Ashraf Hussein, and Dr. S. Anthony Kahn. Please see below for a listing of standard and specialized surgeries performed.

Low Cost Ultrasound

The Low Cost Vet Mobile utilizes the services of specialist veterinarian for sonography, with Echocardiograms interpreted by a board certified cardiologist, for $375 to $395. You can even be present while we scan your best friend. Results are obtained same day with the written report provided the next day . 

Low Cost Blood Transfusions

The Low Cost Vet Mobile obtains its blood from blood banks so as to be guaranteed to obtain blood drawn with the most professional protocols. As usual, we charge less than half of market prices, resulting in a very reasonable cost of approximately $750 for purchase of blood, overnight shipping, and transfusion.

Low Cost Allergy Testing

The Low Cost Vet Mobile utilizes the services of a specialty allergy testing laboratory for only $290 whereas market prices are 2-3 times our price. Our reports are extensive, with listings of every allergent and the name of foods without the allergents, the phone and websites of the food manufacturers who make the food recommended.


Low Cost Micro Chip Implanting

We implant both the 24 Pet Watch, Pet Link, and Home Again microchips for only $30 for cats and $40 for dogs with NO annual fee to keep the chip active. No more yearly payments.


Low Cost Full Bloodwork

Full blood panels, like X rays, are usually extremely expensive and there are varying "levels" of blood panels. The top-of-the-line blood panels provide far more information than the lower level panels which most veterinarians provide.Unlike many emergency hospitals who use an in-house blood test machine in order to keep outside professional laboratory costs low and get immediate bloodwork results, we at the Vet Mobile exclusively use outside professional laboratories for our bloodwork and have a midnight pickup from the lab 7 days a week so we get the "expanded" results the next day. In-house blood testing machines provide 1/4 to 1/3 of the extensive information that we get from a laboratory run blood test, and are not as accurate nor reliable as professional laboratories. Whereas most veterinarians provide lower level blood test for $150-$175, at the Vet Mobile we provide the top level blood test, including Urinalysis and Thyroid indicator for just $120. Thus, we obtain the most comprehensive information for the lowest cost, with the quickest turnaround time.

Low Cost Medical Grooming

On the Vet Mobile we only provide medical grooming services, not regular grooming. Medical grooming is for those situations where the animal's circulation has been cut off due to the "matting" of the fur or the animal needs to be sedated in order to cut off the excess fur.

Low Cost Full Dental Care

We provide full dental services with ultrasonic cleaning and extractions. Many other veterinarians have not invested in an ultrasonic cleaning machine and therefore do "manual" scraping of the tartar, which is marginally affective. Full ultrasonic cleaning, including polishing costs just $450. Older animals will require IV catheter and IV fluids for $100 more. Extractions are additional, $30 -$150 each tooth, depending on the tooth, the size, and difficulty. Please be aware that small breed dogs and cats are particularly prone to dental issues and if timely dentistry is not done, the dog's heart can often get affected negatively. 

Low Cost Radiology

X rays, along with full blood panels, are one of the two main diagnosing tools veterinarians must rely on in order to diagnose your pet's issue. Unfortunately, x rays are very costly but at the Vet Mobile state of the art digital x rays are provided for only $80 for one view and $95 for two views, and just $35 for each additional views. 

Low Cost Echocardiogram

The Low Cost Vet Mobile utilizes the services of a specialist sonography veterinarian, with the interpretation done by a board certified cardiologist You can even be present when we scan you best friend. Results are obtained same day, with the written report sent to you the next day. 

Low Cost Chemotherapy

Regular veterinarians do not do chemotherapy but we at the Vet Mobile do. The Low Cost Vet Mobile provides state of the art chemotherapy treatments at 1/4 to 1/2  the cost  of the specialty centers. Moreover, we pioneered the use of Chemotherapy beads and are participating in FDA trials for the past several years. Chemo beads are very effective since they put out the medicine only into the localized region. Now, following in our steps, some of the big emergency centers have begun to use the chemotherapy beads also.

Low Cost Cryosurgery

We can "freeze off" warts, skin tags, cysts, extra eyelashes, sometimes even without anesthesia. Most veterinarians do not provide Cryosurgery, we at the Vet Mobile do. Cryosurgery eliminates surgery when appropriate, and it is not invasive. 

Low Cost Advanced & Specialized Surgeries Performed


Anterior and Cruciate Ligament (ACL/CCL)

Caeasarian (pregnant spay)

Cherry eye (popped out tear gland)

Colectomy (colon removal)

Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal)

Cryptorchid (undescended/undeveloped testicle removal)

Cystotemy (bladder stone removal)

Ear Ablation - Partial (tumors in the ear)

Ear Ablation - Total (tumors in the inside ear canal)

Entropian (curled eyelashes) 

Enucleation (eye removal)

Exploratory (ingested item) 

Hernia - Abdominal

Hernia - Inguinal

Hernia - Umbilical

Hernia - Perineal

Hernia - Diaphragmatic




Imperforate anus (no anal opening)

Intestinal anastomosis (removal of part of intestine)

Liver Lobectomy (removal of cancerous part of liver)

Luxating Patella / MPL (kneecap out of place)

Mastectomy (breast tumor removal)

Mastectomy - Radical (entire chain of breasts removed)

Nephrectomy - Partial (kidney removal)

Nephrectomy - Total (kidney removal)

Oronasal Fistula (hole in the jaw bone)

Orthopaedic - External fixators

Orthopaedic - Pins & screws

Orthopaedic - Plates

Orthopaedic - ACL/CCL repair

Prostectomy (prostate removal)

Pyometra (infection of the womb)

Splenectomy (spleen removal) 

Tumor/Mass  removal - Internal

Tumor/Mass removal - External

Urethrostomy (urethral stones)

Urethrostomy - Perineal (urethral stones)





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