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Exam Vet Mobile  Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat,  Sun & Holidays
Fresh Meadows

[left to right]
Christina(Medical Secretary)
Gabriel(Vet Tech)
Dr. Herstein (Veterinarian)
Alex (Vet Tech)
Crystal (Triage Manager)
Edison (Vet Tech, Triage Assistant)


A Little About each of us ..........

Christina is the best Med Sec we have ever had. She does so much more than her job. It does help that she is serious about her career and is in Vet Tech school.

Gabriel got into Veterinary School, and this is the picture with us on his last day prior to starting Vet school. Maybe he will  visit us after he gets his Veterinary license.

Dr. Herstein has been a practicing veterinarian for 40 years. Rarely is there a case he has not seen. Nothing beats experience in a technical field.

Alex has graduated Veterinary School and is studying to take the Veterinary Licensing Board exams. So many of our staff have gone on to become licensed.

Crystal is our longest staff member. She started as an office secretary and learned the medicals, and how to vet tech until she became a manager with us, all the while rescuing Chihuahuas.

Edison is Certified at TNR. He has it all. Smarts, desire, ability, and after a few months with the Vet Mobile, can Vet Tech and even Triage Manage the high volume of emergency cases we see. 


Facilcity staff apr 21 crop 2021.jpg
Vet Mobile 

[left to right]

Nhala (Animal Caretaker/Assistant)

Kimberly(Animal Caretaker)

Chris(Facility Manager/ Animal Caretaker/Assistant)




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