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Meet our medical and support staff


They say that behind every great man is a great woman and vice versa. Nothing is more truer than in the highly technical medical field. The best veterinarians are reliant upon the professionalism, competency, integrity, and reliability of the support staff. From the practice administrator, to the managers, to the veterinary techinicans, to the medical recording secretaries, to the facility management staff, every single person makes dozens of decisions every single work day, one or more of which could affect the diagnosis, treatment, and outcome of a patient. We have developed our staff over a nine year period, and have selected to employ only the best of the best, out of over 400 people who applied. In the freezing cold, in the sweltering heat, waking up on three hours sleep to put in another 20 hour work day, our support staff has won the respect of every single one of the dozens of veterinarians who have worked at the Vet Mobile. We appreciate our support staff for being who and what they are. When you meet them we hope you will appreciate what they do for the animals and for others like you who help animals.

Tues Aug 11 2020.jpg

[left to right]

Oxana(Veterinary Technician),

Alyssa (Triage Assistant), Dr. Rillen (Veterinarian), Timothy (Medical Secretary)

Damascus (Triage Manager) 

Vet Mobile #2 
Fresh Meadows
Wed August 18 2021.jpg
Vet Mobile #2
Fresh Meadows, Queens

[left to right]
Oxana(Veterinary Technician)
Damascus (Operations Manager)) 
Patrick(Triage Assistant)
Dr. Herstein (Veterinarian) Shalom (Medical Secretary)


[left to right]

Alyssa(Triage Assistant)

Timothy (Medical Secretary)

Dr. Herstein(Veterinarian)

Crystal(Triage  Manager) Oxana (Veterinary Technician)

Vet Mobile  #2
Fresh Meadows, Queens

[left to right]
Dr. Ashraf(Veterinarian) 
Hadiyah (Veterinary Technician)
Damascus (Operations Manager)
Alyssa (Medical Secretary)

Jun 27 2020.jpg
Vet Mobile#2 
Fresh Meadows
Sun Aug 29 2021 crop.jpg
Vet Mobile #2 
Fresh Meadows Queens

[left to right]
Christina(Medical Secretary)
Crystal (Triage Manager)
Dr. Rillen (Veterinarian)
Oxana (Veterinary Technician)

Facilcity staff apr 21 crop 2021.jpg
Vet Mobile 

[left to right]

Nhala (Animal Caretaker/Assistant)

Kimberly(Animal Caretaker)

Chris(Facility Manager/ Animal Caretaker/Assistant)




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