About the Low Cost Vet Mobile

Thank you for visiting the Low Cost Vet Mobile's website, "your community's animal rescue veterinary service," helping limited income and rescue pet parents keep their pets. The Low Cost Vet Mobile has treated over 34,000 dogs and cats and performed hundreds of major surgeries in its first nine years. Our state of the art services include digital x rays, ultrasounds, echocardiograms, oxygen therapy, blood transfusions, allergy testing, and most specialized surgeries, including orthopaedics. 


Full examinations by some of NY's most advanced licensed veterinarians are provided for only $25, re-visits for the same issue within twelve months for $15, 1 year vaccinations for $20-$35, 3 year vaccinations if qualified, for $40-$50, two views of digital x rays for $95, FULL blood panels including a thyroid indicator test and urinalysis for $120. 


These low cost services are only available for low and limited income pet parents, animal rescuers, those who pick up animls from the street, and those who adopt animals from kill shelters. All of our services including vaccinations, surgeries, x rays, bloodwork are all provided at a third to a half of the regular market rates. 

We are also unique in that we have our own online pharmacy only for our clients so that medications can be purchased online at lower prices and thereby reduce costs to our clients. Having our own online pharmacy only for our clients also enables our clients to receive their medicines within one week of visiting the Vet Mobile, thereby not wasting a second week trying to get prescriptions and faxing them to other online pharmacies.